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At St Edmunds we ensure that the children have a key role in governing the school. Amongst others, we do this through the School Council, Eco Council and through our Junior Road Safety Officers. Please read on to find out more!

School Council

What is the School Council?

The School Council of St Edmunds Primary School consists of two representatives from each class, from Early Years to Year 5. The Council meets frequently, at least once every half-term, to express views and make decisions.

Staff are always keen to know the views of our pupils. For example, following curriculum-enrichment weeks, the introduction of new school initiatives and current themes that the school is focusing on.

The school council played a key role in the formulation of the Learning Bricks which relate to the Learning Characteristics that underpin the development of all of our pupils as successful learners. They introduce these to the whole school each week in assembly and we celebrate pupils who have demonstrated these characteristics to others during the week.

Recent decisions have included:

  • How we could raise money to buy new playground equipment.
  • How to improve lunchtimes – what games they’d like to play, what equipment we should buy.
  • How to encourage full attendance from all pupils.
  • Design decisions for the new building

Representatives of the School Council are very much active citizens. They have begun writing to the parents to share their views and ask for their support in key issues too.

May 2016

The Yr4 and Yr5 school councilors ran a hugely successful 'Guess how many sweets in the jar' competition in the final week before half term. Due to the amount of donations of sweets received they were able to run three separate competitions. Thier dedication each lunchtime resulted in them raising more than £70. The Friends of St Edmunds kindly offered to match whatever they raised so they were delighted to have raised more than £140.

 April 2016

The school council begin their misson to raise money to purchase new equipment for use outside at lunchtime. They decided upon a 'Guess how many sweets in the jar' competition and wrote to the parents for donations of sweets.

February 2016

The school council met with Richard Holden from Cambridgeshire Catering (CCS). They discussed what they liked and disliked about the school dinners which are provided by CCS. They had some great feedback for him. The school council were then given questionnaires to take away and complete with their classes in order to provide more feedback about the service provided and help to inform changes.

January 2016

The school council have been discussing possible improvements for lunchtimes. They discussed the possibility of having calm music playing in the hall. They also discussed the introduction of paper towels in the centre of table so that the children caould be more independent in tidying up after themselves. As drawing was a popular choice by many children they wanted this to be availble more often as an option for outside.

They are also going to being thinking about how they could raise some moeny to buy some more equipment to improve the outdoor environemtn at lunchtime.

October 2015

IMG_0122 (Mobile)

In the school council's meting last month one of the year 5 councilors put forward the suggestion that it would improve the running of the school if all the clocks said the same time as they thought different clocks around the building were displaying different times. We met together with all the clocks from all the classrooms, the offices and shared areas of the school. We used the internet to learn about GMT and had it displayed in real time so that we could get all the clocks aligned correctly.

Fingers crossed they remain accurate...especially as the clocks go back soon!

April 2015

We've been talking about how to improve the dinner hall at lunchtime. We decided upon some new rules for the dinner hall and have put them up on display. We have taken photos of children demonstrating these rules to help remind everyone. We also wanted to put a reminder in the middle of all the tables so that the chidlern can see them when eating thier lunch.

We have introduced a noiseometer for the adults to use if the noise gets too high and we might try playing some music while we all eat too.

January and February 2015

The school council have been continuing to make the last few decisions for the new building and we are looking forward to going back inside when it's completely finished.

October 2014

On Wed 22nd October the School council met with Mark the site manager for the new building. They were equiped with hard hats and high vis jackets and had a tour round the building site. They were able to ask plenty of questions on the tour round. The school council are looking forward to discussing and selecting the colour of the doors and carpets after half term.



B0uyy08IIAAtsw5[1]School council


Chair of Gov reply - 02.10.14DSCF5963 (Mobile)

December 2013

The school council work really hard to look after the school.

Please let them know if you have any suggestions for our school.


At our last meeting, the school council created our next set of 'Attitudes for learning' bricks. These are used by the whole school and are each linked to the Key characteristics that we are trying to develop in order to be successful learners.


The 10 characteristics of a child at St Edmunds are helping us to become:

Ambitious, Collaborative, Inquisitive, Resilient, Respectful, Motivated, Independent, Confident, Resourceful, Faithful

Each week we will focus on a different characteristic and celebrate our success in our whole school Friday celebration assembly.

DSCF5952 (Mobile)

September 2015

The School Council met to decide what areas of the school's development they would suggest were focused upon this year when the new school council are elected in a couple of weeks time. Their suggestions can be seen on display in school and by clicking on the file below.

 School Council - Sept 15.pdf

May 2015


At our latest school council meeting we've been discussing what it feels like to be a child at St Edmunds. We noted all our ideas and put them on our school council display so that everyone could see what we thought.

November and December 2014

Following their visit to the site for the new building, the School Council had lots of important decisions to make during November and December. The School Council had the opportunity to select the types and colour of the flooring throughout the building. They also chose the types of furtniture, doors, coatpegs and the colour of the paint in the classrooms. They were very excitied to be given the opporunity to make these decisions and enjoyed looking at all the options!



September 2014

The school council met last week to discuss pupil attendance at school as we have launched a new award in our celebration assembly each week for the class with the best attendance. Their meeting focused on 4 key questions:

  • Why do children have days off school?
  • How to chidlren feel when they return to school?
  • What is the impact on thier learning?
  • What can we do to encourage pupils to have high attendance?

The views of the pupils have been displayed on thier noticeboard in school.

The school council memebers are going to return to the next meeting with suggestions from the class mates about what reward we can give the class with the best attendance this term.


Our display in the hall which has the hands of success added to it each Friday in our clebration assembly.


Eco Council

Meet our Eco Council which consists of two children from each class.

Together we think about the ways in which we can look after the environment, our school and its grounds and how we can encourage others to do the same.

We think we are fortunate to have lovely school grounds with wild areas, grassy fields and gardening beds. We work hard to keep these areas clean, tidy and free from litter and area proud of the way our school looks… But we can always do more!

Each class has Eco Council monitors to make sure:

  • Lights are switched off when there is nobody in the classroom.
  • The white board projector is switched off when we are not using it.
  • The green compost bin is used and emptied daily.
  • Our class put recyclables into the recycle bins.

We also check our electricity meter and gas meter daily, to make sure we are maintaining a low level of energy consumption or reducing our energy usage.


Each day we monitor the amount of food waste we have at the end of the lunchtime. We measure the quantitiy in grams. We try to encourage the children to eat all of their lunch and to only select things food that they know they are going to eat.

DSCF5989 (Small)May 2016

Our Yr 2 Eco councillors helped Miss Bridge prepare for an assembly focusing on our learning characteristic of being 'Respectful' by looking at the outdoor environment. They carried out a litter pick on the playground to removed any unwanted litter from the grounds and this was then used to remind the children about which bins the differing items they picked up should have been put in.

March 2016

In March 2016 the Eco Council took part in a 'Clean for the Queen' mission as part of a national campaign to tidy up local areas in honour of the Queen's 90th birthday. They took to the loacal streets and footpaths, armed with litter pickers and sacks and helped to tidy the environment, making it better for the local residents, not just our school community.



Our current Year 5 JRSOs (appointed September 2015)

In September 2014 we appointed our first team of Year 4 pupils to take on the role of Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs). Their role is to support the teaching of all of our pupils key messages about road safety.

They were presented certifcates and introduced to the school. The have responsibility for a display within the school which they will use to keep the pupils informed about road safety information, publicise competitions that they run and generally use it as a focal point for the work they do in school.

In September 2015, as our school continues to expand to now have year 5 pupils we have moved the role of JRSOs into year 5 and we appointed a new team of JRSOs in September.

July 2015

The JRSOs had to submit their scrapbook to the Suffolk Road Safety team to be judged. The JRSOs were absolutley delighted to be awarded a GOLD award for the quality of thier scrapbook and all the work that they have done throughout thier their year in post to promote road safety to our school community. They were presented with their certificates on 3rd July in our celebration assembly.


May 2015

Our JRSOs had a great time exploring a Police car with our PCSO Amanda yesterday. Sirens in full working order! pic.twitter.com/NFMy4vfHDJ

— StEdmundsIP33 (@StEds_ip33) May 9, 2015

April 2015

On Wednesday 22nd April the JRSOs lead a whole school assembly to remind the school about the importance of road safety. They used a 'Street Feet' kit to set up a roadway in the hall with traffic lights and signs. They had children from differnt year groups volunteer to demonstrate different ways to cross the road safely. After the assembly they sent home informtation leaflets for the parents too.

February 2015

The JRSOs lead the whole school assembly on Monday 9th Feb. The theme for the assembly was 'Be Bright, Be Seen'. They informed the school about the need to wear appropriate clothing when riding a bike or when out at night.

The children also launched a competition for the children to design a cycle helmet which would be bright and be seen! The competition closes on Wed 25th Feb. If you'd like to download an entry form click on the document below.

Good Luck!

Cycle Helmet.pdf

November and December 2014

During November and December the JRSOs have been out on patrol with our Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). They carried out two patrols along Westgate Street to look at the parking and safety of our school community. They discussed road safety with the PCSO and warnings were issued to people whose parking was unsafe. They are going to be joining the PCSO on another patrol in the new year.

October 2014

Competition Time!

The Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) have some exciting news! We are having a competition on the G.C.C. Do you know what that is? It's  the Green Cross Code.

The competition is to design a poster about the G.C.C. We will have two entries one for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2 .

Get your posters in by the 6th October. If you win you will see your poster around the school.

Good Luck 

This is a helpful link to find out more about the Green Cross Code!


September 2014

We launched the JRSO roles at St Edmunds and introduced them to the school community.

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