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Residential 2015

From 11th to 13th May 2015, 37 Year 4 pupils from St Edmunds are attending a three day residential in Norfolk.

Above are some of the pictures taken at the residential.

Thoughts of the Days

"I liked playing table tennis in the evening and rock climbing" - OB

"I really enjoyed the canoeing"- LJ

 “I liked the fabulous food served by the residential team” – ER

“I liked the zip wire and the rock climbing” – MM

“This residential gives us new challenges and experiences” – IS

“Zooming on the zip was wire; you had to climb the rocks first” – WH

“This residential, I liked having fun and learning new skills” – FVDA

“My favourite part I got to push my limits on the rock climbing.” -  FO’D

"I liked archery because we got to play loads of games including inside out where I hit the white target first time" - JL

"My favourite part was the rock climbing and the zip wire because we got to go far!" - BR

"My favourite part was the zip wire" - SS

"This residential gave many new challenges and experiences" - IS

"I enjoyed the zip wire" - MA




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