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About our schools

We are a partnership between St Edmund's and St Joseph's Catholic Primary Schools. Maria Kemble is the executive Head Teacher presiding over the two schools. In addition, each school has a Head of school and a single governing body. The two schools share their resources, specialist teachers and subject leaders.

As catholic schools it is the celebration of our Faith which gives us our unique character and makes our community so special. Our Mission Statement 'Learning Together in God's Love by encouraging and supporting one another' has been chosen to reflect the journey each individual makes as they grow spiritually and academically during their career with us.

The mosaic at St Edmunds was designed and created by the children, parents, staff and governors to symbolise the kind of community we are. At the heart of the school life in both schools lies our Christian faith, which provides the backdrop for each child to develop their individual gifts and talents. Just as each tile in the mosaic is unique and has its role to play in the making of the whole, so each child and family has a special part to ensure that our schools are caring Christian communities.

St Edmund's

St Edmund’s is a primary school of approximately 400 children aged from 4 to 11. Each year has 2 parallel classes. It serves the Catholic community of Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Diss, Thetford and Brandon and the surrounding villages. Children and families from other faith communities or none are warmly welcomed to the school.

St Edmund’s opened in 1882. Since then it has been added to and refurbished. The library and a teaching block were completed in August 2000. The year 5 and 6 block were completed in 2015. The school enjoys beautiful grounds which are used to enhance the children’s learning.

The school accommodates St Edmund’s Catholic Pre-school and Sunshine Club in a purpose built unit providing pre-school education, before and after school care for children age 3 to 11years.

At St Edmund’s we seek to provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum within a community which aims to:

1. Remember we are all loved individually and uniquely by God.

2. Place Love, Justice and Compassion at the center of our school.

3. Grow closer to God through the development of our Faith.

Through the practical application of these aims, we are proud of the excellent academic success our pupils enjoy. During their time at St Edmund’s we work hard to ensure that each child grows in self-confidence and selfdiscipline, learns to care for those around them as well as their environment.

St Joseph's

The family of St Joseph's is one in which each member is valued and respected for who they are. We aim to encourage and support the personal growth of each individual through living in our community, which is rooted in Christ and inspired by the Gospels

At St Joseph’s each child is encouraged and supported to be a successful learner and grow in their faith. We believe each individual is a unique gift from God and that our purpose as a Christian community is to nurture and develop each child. At St Joseph’s we provide a broad and balanced curriculum through which we seek to ensure high academic standards. We take great pride in our family ethos where children are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and supported to develop respect and understanding for one another.

The school has approximately 150 pupils age 4 to 11 years arranged in five classes. St Joseph’s is part of the West Suffolk Catholic Pyramid of schools with the high school, St Benedict’s in Bury St Edmunds. The school originally opened in 1909 and over the years has been refurbished, most recently when the hall was built in 2012. St Joseph’s works in partnership with St Edmund’s Catholic Primary school and shares staff and resources. The children also participate in joint activities including a residential to Horstead in Norfolk and curriculum events.

We enjoy a strong relationship with the local parishes. We regularly celebrate our faith through Mass at school and the parish priest of Our Lady’s and St John’s is the school chaplain and visits regularly. We pray as a community each day at assembly, before lunch and at the end of each day. The celebration of our faith underpins everything we do as a school each day.

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